Be a prince or a princess…

I grow up believing in fairytales, to the knight in shining armor, Prince charming, princesses and a happy ever after. As I grow up, I want to become a princess, wearing those ball gowns, attending a ball and finding my own prince charming and in the middle of the night, he will kiss me and the most magical way you will ever imagine. A prince that’s ready to slay a dragon to protect, a prince who will dance waltz with me.I always believe that someday a prince will come and rescue me from an evil witch who lock me in the castle. I dream of living in a castle and all those you can read from the books and all you can see in the movies, in live happily ever after.

But not all fairytales may end in happily ever after, not all prince and princesses live in the castle, sometimes we can see prince just like an ordinary people, who work in a diner, or in a bookstore who silently read and looking for a book of his interest, same as goes with princess, you can see a princess everywhere,mabe she’s working in a coffee shop waiting tables, or anywhere you could possibly imagine. A princess is not always wearing a fancy gown or a tiara, sometimes a princess is jus an ordinary girl, wearing a simple clothing with a glasses on her eyes, not all prince is wearing a fancy suit, having a sword on his waist and wearing a crown, but you can met them anywhere, like in a park, or in a mall or anywhere where ordinary people go. Princess and prince are also just ordinary people, simple who is leaving in a simple house not in a castle.

We are all princesses and princes. We don’t need a tiara or a crown or anything fancy just to prove we are royal. No need to become fancy just become royal, just be yourself and show the world that you are a princess or a prince no matter how simple and ordinary you are. Being a royal is having a good heart and good person..

Be yourself and be a princess or prince…

Cup of coffee

They say that a lovelife is like a cup of coffee. When you wake up in the morning it is the first thing you will find. When you finally have that cup of coffee in your hands, you can feel the warm of his or her love. A single sip is like a sweet kiss from his or her lips, enough for your heartbeat to sky rocket. But sometimes coffee is better when there is cream, there is sweetness. But not all the time coffee have cream, sometimes its a black coffee or espresso, it is so bitter.

Sweetness and bitterness are part of every lovestory. Without these two every relationship is nothing, it is like a plain hot water, but if you add a teaspoon of coffee, teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of cream, perfect. Same goes with a relationship, you need to add sweetness, a bit of misunderstanding and give a spoonful of love is a perfect relationship in my own opinion.

Whatever preference of coffee you like, it is up to you. There is the time I prefer to have a espresso, when I feeling down, but my favorite kind of coffee is the one with a little bitterness, a little sweetness and bit creamy, mix with full of love.

Coffee is a part of my everyday living. I always start my day with a cup of coffee, and simple good morning from a person who always makes me smile.

I already experience being a heartbroken, it is so hurt and bitter like a cup of espresso, but I also experience a happy relationship like a cup of latte, sweet and creamy..

Each cup of coffee and whatever mixture you prefer,it is like a love story..there is bitterness and there is sweetness…